Topic: U6D2 –Reflective Practitioner

U6D2 –Reflective Practitioner

What accreditation\’s does the organization that you work for (or an organization that you are familiar with) hold? Are there other accreditation\’s that may be relevant/useful? What are they and why do you think there may be a benefit to your organization?
Provide a list of accreditation or regulatory requirements for an organization such as yours. You may include required licensure requirements for healthcare professionals who practice at your facility. Summarize 3 accreditation/regulatory/licensure requirements that you think are interesting – try to select topics that have not been covered by someone else or that you can provide additional information about.
Response suggestions: Identify one new thing that you learned based on your fellow students’ postings or offer comments about what you organization does that may be different than what other students discussed.

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