Welcome to Dataland by Ian Bogost, and Identity Crisis by Jeffrey Rosen.

Bogost, “Welcome to Dataland”; Rosen, “Identity Crisis” Total Points: 150 Due Date: Rough draft (3 copies) due Fri, 9-25; Draft of introduction (3 copies) due Mon, 9-28; Final draft due Weds, 9-30 The Assignment Write a comparative analysis of “Welcome to Dataland” and “Identity Crisis”. Analyze concrete details in both essays to establish an insightful relationship between the two authors’ ideas or structures. Strategies Building on your work in Microthemes 1 and 2, consider the language, audience, and structure of each essay. Use Notice and Focus to identify interesting similarities or differences and The Method to identify patterns of repetition and contrast; these readings should help you see a relationship between the essays that is not immediately obvious. Be sure to review WA 82-83 and 234-235 on comparison/contrast as you think through this relationship. After this initial evaluation, formulate a claim about the particular relationship you would like readers to see. Your claim should be analytical rather than a tally of obvious similarities and differences. Remember that an effective comparison integrates both texts throughout, analyzing each in relation to the other. Use “So What?” to push your analysis and argument further, particularly in the conclusion. Criteria for Evaluation 1. Does the thesis clearly establish an insightful relationship between the two essays? Is there a “So What?” 2. Does the Essay offer a focused analysis of details that supports a larger claim about the language, audience, or structure of the two essays? 3. Does the Essay remain independent and objective by paraphrasing the authors’ words accurately, using internal citations and a minimum of quotations, and avoiding judgment or personal association? 4. Does the Essay exhibit coherence through a logical flow of ideas and the use of well-developed paragraphs, transitions, attributive tags, and strong verbs? Does it adhere to MLA format and citation standards and contain few, if any, grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors?

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