Write a research paper on The Romanticism Era

Paper requirements.

1. Be typed, double spaced, with font no larger than 12.

2. Utilize AT LEAST 5 individual sources (websites are okay). There are no limits to the sources you use.

3. There is no maximum length.

4. Your paper must incorporate a minimum of 10 in-text citations (As a general rule: The more citations the better.)

5. Paper should be constructed as follows:

A. Total Length of paper should be at least 5 pages.

B. Title Page: On a separate sheet, place the following items:

1. The title of paper.

2. Your Name

3. Course title and class time/hour.

C. Introduction (No more than one paragraph)

D. Main Body (4+ pages)

E. Conclusion (No more than one paragraph)

F. On a separate sheet: A full and complete bibliography (An alphabetical list) of all resources used in writing the paper.

6. Use spell check and grammar

7. Margins on all pages should be default (approximately 1 inch).

8. General Rule: The more you mix/utilize your sources within the paper, the better.

9. Proofread

10. Always cite a fact, direct quote, or a number.

11. Avoid using first person.

12. Follow these guidelines carefully.

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