Write a research paper which will explore the many different niches of the music lifestyle.

1. Introduction
In this research paper you will explore the many different niches of the music lifestyle. Consumers of different genres respectively act and consume music differently. This is the same for people who consume music and produce music. In our study we interviewed several people along with observed at three different venues that play different genres of music.
2. Participants
Our first participant was Jeremy Guevara. Jeremy is twenty-two and from Roslindale, MA. He is a junior that attends Suffolk. However many people know him by his alias DJ Snax. Jeremy is an example of someone who is a consumer of the music lifestyle because not only has he been surrounded by music as a consumer, but also as a producer. His dj career started in college dorm rooms and is starting to peak. He is being booked at clubs in Boston such as Ascend and Royale. His love for music and djing allows him to have a dual perspective.

3. Highlight 1 – Jeremy Guevara
When I interviewed Jeremy the beginning portion of our conversation dealt very much with him being a producer in the music lifestyle. My first question was what genre of music he plays. To me this was key insight seeing that different crowds respond differently to different music especially depending on the venue. He stated that he doesnt like to limit himself to one specific genre, but that he now likes to mix genres such as hip hop and EDM. However he did start off with hip hop. He also stated that being hispanic can also influence him depending on his setting. One of his main influences is Diplo. Diplo is also an EDM dj who very much can appeal to many different crowds and will adjust his set for his audience, similar to Jeremy he also started in hip hop.
Although he never played an instrument, his interest in music started with collecting online. He talked about how he would always download all different types of music, allowing him to have a dense library. This is where he believes he started as a producer. Due to his wide library of music he would control the music at parties during high school. Now he states that it is basically is a third job, and although he still has a love for music now that he is more of a than a consumer anymore sometimes it can feel like another task.
His perspective and what music means to him has also changed. He said as a consumer he used to listen to alter his mood, and just to enjoy. Whereas now it he says it is more rewarding. When he is djing he can see the reaction of the people, and to see them enjoy what he is playing gives a sense of purpose. He enjoys the adrenaline and excitement that it gives him.

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