Paper Length: 3 pages (or more): Charts and references do not count toward the page requirement
There are differing definitions of crime and delinquency, the methods of measuring crime and the costs of crime. In this paper, you are to select a crime of interest and a corresponding victimized person/group. (For example, you may be interested in assault and the victim/population could be significant others.) Once you select the crime, you are to do the following:
Define the crime
How is it measured (federal, state, or local). You can use the web as a source.
What population are you considering (juveniles, men, elderly, etc.)
What is the prevalence of the crime? Who is the victim(s)?
What are some flaws in measurement?
What is the social and economic cost of the crime?
You can use books, journals and web sources. Wikipedia is to NOT be used. Be sure to assess .com and .org sites for trustworthiness. If you wish, you can include charts and graphs. You must use at least 2 journal or book resources. At minimum, you are to use 4 total references. Journals can be accessed via Farmingdales library page. The source must be a journal (not a magazine or AP article). If you need clarity or assistance, please ask.
All assignments must be APA style, typed, 12 point font, double spaced, Times New Roman, 1 margins. Papers must be grammatically correct and proofread.

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