For your essay, please respond to the following question(s):
In his essay, Power Steer, author Michael Pollan asserts, Forgetting, or willed
ignorance, is the preferred strategy of many beef eaters, a strategy abetted by
the industry.
First, what is Pollan referring to here? What does he mean by willed
ignorance, and what is it a strategy of? Consider this: what information and
explanation does your audience of general readers need in order to fully
understand this concept in the context of what Pollan is discussing?
Secondly, what are some of the aspects of beef production and/or fast food
work/consumption that the beef and fast food industries want consumers to be
willfully ignorant of?
Finally, how do these industries encourage a willing ignorance on the part of the
consumer? What are some of the strategies they use to keep us willingly
ignorant? Make sure to discuss examples from the various readings weve had
so far and your own personal observations of examples. (Generally try to stick
to the third person point-of-view, unless first person is absolutely necessary.)

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