question 1
Compare and contrast structural functionalist and conflict theories approaches to American medicine. Discuss the three approaches to medical treatment and describe which you think would work best for the following situation: Fulanitas 89 year old grandmother is in a coma and has been diagnosed with kidney failure. The doctors say that her life can be prolonged for a few years if she goes on dialysis. However, the family members disagree on the best way to care for her. Some members of the family want to bring the grandmother home to allow her to die naturally arguing that grandma would not want extreme measures to be taken. Others want grandma to be given dialysis three times a week for an hour (as the doctors suggest). Finally, discuss the intersections of class, race and gender as well as the problem of food deserts.

question 2
Describe three ways the rise of the industrialist economy increased levels of stratification in regard to class, race and gender. Explain the three ways that the industrial revolution changed working conditions as well as many other conditions of life. Even in the U.S., there are programs that would qualify as socialism; discuss three programs that qualify as socialism and explain whether you support or oppose them. Are there any that you think should be eliminated? Why or why not?

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