How did the Revolution address the problem of “two Mexicos” that emerged under Diaz?

According to Collier (Basta! Land and the Zapatista Rebellion, 1994),


When in 1992 President Salinas de Gortari brought land reform—the issue on which his party had originally risen to power—to a halt, he signaled an abrupt end to a traditional government covenant with the peasantry and deprived many peasants not just of the possibility of improving their livelihoods, but of their power as a constituency.  The Zapatistas are trying to reclaim that constituency  (Collier, 1994:8).



The above quote says a great deal about the relationship between the peasant sector and the Mexican state that emerged after the Mexican Revolution.  It also suggests a relationship between the economic restructuring of Mexico’s economy and the rise of the Zapatista rebellion.  Indeed, the transition to free market economic principles and the adoption of neoliberal reform




permanently transformed the lives of Mexicans in the urban and rural sectors of Mexico’s economy. Such changes were social, political and economic in nature.


With this in mind, discuss the significance of the Mexican Revolution to the transition of the New Economic Model (Neoliberalism) in Mexico.  How did the Revolution address the problem of “two Mexicos” that emerged under Diaz? What were the goals of the Revolution?

In what ways did meaning of the Revolution change with the Presidency of Salinas de Gortari?

How do the testimonials provided by Hellman demonstrate and provide insight into understanding how free market mechanisms (NAFTA) would influence the lives of individuals?   Were all sectors impacted the same way? (Hellman discusses this in her book) Has Mexico returned to an era where there are “two Mexicos”?  Where would you place Mexico today in the context of its political and economic development? Why? (Make sure to cite a current event to support your position, discuss it in the conclusion of your paper).


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