This is discussion participation on Manager Challenges:
At the end of the day a managers job is to align their employees to accomplish the organizations goals. The pure definition of management, but no where in that explanation does it mention the fact to do that a manager must be a counselor, an advocate, a disciplinarian, among many other items that a manager must accomplish every day. The number one goal is to take care of our clients! This task can be difficult at times, but is usually the goal of the organization in which we work. As the four principles of management remind us without a clear and concise plan this cannot be accomplished, among taking care of our clients, we must remember as managers that our employees need to feel as if they are being taken care of as well. Moral of a team is very important to the success of a manager, and can help in accomplishing goals. That being said another managerial challenge that I face every day is the disparity in the age of my employees. I have some employees that are almost 60, and have others that are in their 20s straight out of nursing school. This can be a huge challenge to bridge the gaps in the different generations of employees.

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