Writing Techniques – Animal Imagery

As the novel progresses, Agatha Christie starts describing the characters more and more like animals. Specifically, Lombard is described as a panther or a wolf, Wargrave is described as a tortoise, Vera is described as a bird, etc. Refer to your novel and re-read or scan for examples of animal imagery. Keep track of the examples by keeping the quotes in your notebook. You will use the examples for one of the characters to create a graphic organizer. Your school should have the Smart Ideas program on its networked computers; if not, or if you would like to do the assignment at home, you can download a free 30 day trial version at the Smart Ideas website. There is a tutorial on how to use the program at the website. OR you can use any other graphic organizer website you know how to use.(such as power point) You can even be creative and try to do it in a word document Have some fun with this assignment!

Your organizer should include direct quotes and an image from clipart that fits the development of your chosen character.

assignment 2
Once you have read your chapters, consider the following questions:

Why do think Agatha Christie describes the characters like animals?
Why are the characters becoming more beast-like or bestial as the novel progresses?
Record your final conclusions in an opinion paragraph identifying why you feel the characters in the novel are becoming like animals. Be sure to also state why you feel Agatha Christie would choose to do this and how it is or is not effective.

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