personal ethical decision making

You will write a 3 5 page paper in APA format describing your own ethical framework. You will describe the principles and values that are
part of your framework, as well as the major theory or theories from the textbook (e.g., Kohlbergs theory of moral development, Ajzens
theory of planned behavior, etc,) which inform your framework.
Ethical Framework
An ethical framework is a decision-making model that outlines step-by-step
processes for reaching ethical decisions. A framework for ethical decisionmaking
addresses the how not the what of ethical decisions. It reflects
the process of ethical decision-making. It will be similar to a decisionmaking
framework but must include specific ethical considerations. Ethical
frameworks frequently take the form of a series of questions such as, How
would I want someone else to act in this situation? How would my
behavior be judged by my mother/father/children? What is the greatest
good in this situation? What values are represented by this decision?
Your paper should include the following elements:
DEFINE: Define an ethical framework and its usefulness to you.
DESCRIBE: Describe your ethical framework and how you developed it.
o What do you base your ethical framework on? It could be based on:
Religious convictions
Ideologies (such as justice, democracy or Confucianism),
Your personal values and ethical principles
ANALYZE: How does it compare or contrast with the major theories presented in the textbook?
SYNTHESIZE: How does your personal ethical framework influence your ethical reasoning and decision-making and behavior?
EVALUATE: Conclusion – What are your final conclusions about your ethical framework and its usefulness?
OLCU 350 Leadership and Professional Ethics Personal Ethical Decision Making Framework Rubric ONLINE spring 2016
You must have at least 3 references and one may be your textbook. Your paper must be in APA 6th Edition format. Post to
Week 3 in the Assignments folder no later than midnight on Sunday of Week 3 [200 points]. Your grade will be based on the
Content Accuracy 50 pts.
Application 50 pts.
Critical Analysis 50 pts.
Use of Sources 20 pts.
Writing Mechanics and APA 30 pts.

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